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[ Other Characters ]:

[ Character's Name ]: Sora
[Character's Age ]: 15
[ Series ]: Kingdom Hearts 2
[ Canon Point ]: Just as he and Riku are going through the Door to Light, near the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.

[ History ]: This is plenty of info, and a lot more than I'd ever want to actually write out.

[ Personality ]: Sora is one of those characters that, on first glance, is a fairly stereotypical hero type. He's goofy, fun-loving, a little on the gullible side, and has a child-like enthusiasm for exploring new places and meeting new people that, even after all he's been through, still hasn't been dampened. But that's not all he is.

Sora, for starters, is a highly competitive person. His primary rival and role model in life was his best friend Riku, who he always saw as someone that was stronger, calm, collected, and just generally cool. For his whole life, he strived to be strong--as strong as, if not someday stronger than Riku. Whether it was in races, practice fights, or something as silly as getting the last cookie, he perceived Riku's attitude and strength as a goal to meet, and constantly pushed himself to meet this goal. Because of this (and the arrival of Kairi in both his and Riku's lives), by the time he is fourteen he has pushed himself to becoming the second strongest kid on the islands, next to Riku.

The motivation for this competitive nature is his extreme loyalty to his friends, and his want to protect them from harm. He will go to nearly any length to protect them, even going as far as to sacrifice his own well being if it means that they'll be safe. Given how he's not only easy to become friends with, but how easy it is for him to form particularly strong bonds of friendship with many of the people he meets, it will appear as if he has a Hero Complex. It's really not that Sora has a Hero Complex--far from it. Sora just wants to protect his friends from harm. The fact that he has so many of them just means that he has to to work harder to do it.
Being one of the few Keybearers left is a burden that weighs heavily on Sora's shoulders, though he is very careful about letting this show. The last thing any of his friends need is for him to bring their spirits down when there's enough going on in the universe already. His own anxieties are inconsequential--finding Riku, destroying the Heartless, and stopping Organization XIII comes first. There are times where Sora nearly buckles under the pressure of being the hero--the reveal of just what Organization XIII was up to, and how Sora was inadvertently helping them being the most recent example--but Sora has enough resolve and determination to pick himself back up, though a pep-talk from his friends usually does wonders towards helping raise his own spirits.
Sora's loyalty to his friends--in particular to Riku and Kairi-- is driven by a promise he barely remembers making when he was young to a kind stranger that he and Riku met when they were children. While the promise was made in regards to Riku, after meeting Kairi he decided to add her as well. This promise--to always protect his friends, and to make sure that if they ever 'wander down a dark path alone', he would be there to try and pull them out--has been a driving force in his actions since then.

This only goes to show just how important promises are to Sora. Once he makes a promise, he has ever intention of keeping it, and will go to many lengths to do so. The more important the promise, the harder he tries to keep it. The promises he has made to Kairi--to find Riku, bring him home safely, and to return her good luck charm to her once he brings Riku home, play a huge part in why he doesn't just go home right away.
However heroic and loyal he is, Sora is still just a 15 year old boy, and has all the maturity and sense of humor as one. Growing up with Riku as a best friend has left it's mark on him, as Sora is more than capable of using sarcasm when prompted, and is fond of teasing people when he has enough fodder for it. Donald is usually the primary target of this over the duration of his journey, as the temperamental mage gives both Sora and Goofy plenty of opportunity to poke fun at him. In turn, both of Sora's companions like to poke fun at him whenever Sora comes across something that makes him think of Kairi in some way--Sora is nothing if not a hopeless romantic, picturing himself dancing with her in Halloween Town, or just blushing at the thought of even hugging her.
[ Strengths/Weaknesses ]: As a bearer of the Keyblade, Sora more than a capable fighter. However, unlike his predecessors before him, Sora's prowess with the Keyblade is all learned through experience--every battle he's fought, every enemy defeated, and even every spell cast in the heat of battle has made him a force to be reckoned with, even though he knows virtually next to nothing about the Keyblade itself--it's origins, it's full capability set, or even how it chooses people to wield it.
  • Swordsmanship: Sora is a talented swordsman. Having been 'training' his whole life with and against the other kids on Destiny Islands, he's got a fairly set style, and is more than capable of handling his own in a fight. He uses a two-handed grip that's more suitable for a power-based style (which doesn't make sense, given that he's a small, scrawny sort of kid), but usually winds up ending his combos with with a one-handed grip. While he isn't as combo-oriented as Riku, he still packs a wallop.
    • Combo Finishers- on ground, Explosion. This finisher causes spheres of light to radiate outwards and rapidly orbit around Sora, dealing damage to all enemies they strike. Highly effective when surrounded.
    • Limits- Limits are a powerful type of ability that, outside of one special instance, require Sora team up with another to deal massive amounts of damage. Because many of the required people needed for Sora to perform these Limits aren't in the city, there will be only two that he has access to immediately.
      • Trinity Limit: Sora's own unique Limit, which while he is capable of using it on his own, is more effective when Donald and Goofy add their power into it, thus the 'trinity' moniker. This video, though poor in quality, has each phase of the Limit named and does a good job of showing what exactly occurs during each phase.
      • Eternal Session: While the video quality of the sample is poor, this breaks down the Eternal Session limit with Riku phase by phase, giving the name of the phase and showing just what Sora and Riku are capable of doing to an enemy during each phase.
  • Magic: Sora is capable of using his Keyblade as a focus to channel magic. His magic set list is based off of the magic spells available in most Square Enix titles, and follow the same basic naming trend based on the strength of the spell. There are three tiers--the basic spell, or First Tier, the '-ra' tier, indicating a second-level spell, and the '-ga' tier, which is the final and most powerful form of the spell. His spell list is as follows--
    • Firaga: A Fire-element spell, which causes Sora to be surrounded by two circles of flames that rotate diagonally around him, knocking back opponents.
    • Blizzaga: An Ice-element spell. Sora points his Keyblade at his opponents and fires off multiple ice projectiles. Can sometimes freeze the opponent.
    • Thundaga: A Lightning-element spell, this causes a linear stream of lightning bolts to shoot towards the opponent. May also stun on impact.
    • Reflega: A spell that causes a shimmering dome to surround Sora. Any form of incoming damange--projectile, magic, or melee-based, is blocked and reflected back at the opponent.
    • Magnega: A spell that, when cast, draws in all surrounding enemies to a central point. When used in combination with a Firaga spell, it's a devastating attack.
    • Curaga: A healing spell that uses up all of Sora's available magic to cast a proximity-full heal. If anyone is within a few feet of Sora when this spell is cast, then they're healed. Given how it takes up all of Sora's remaining mana, it can be pulled off even when he has very little of his mana remaining and have the same healing effect.
  • Drive Forms: Sora's clothes are very special indeed. They were given to him by the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merriweather, and serve as a form of 'armor' for him. They also allow Sora to tap into what was previously untapped potential, and activate special 'modes' of attack, known as Drive Forms. The amount of energy necessary to activate a particular Form depends on the strength of the Form and the potential it is bring out. There are four Drive Forms that Sora can activate at will (cut-scene power to the max XD), and each of the four forms allows Sora to use what is known as a Growth ability in normal form. These growth abilities only get stronger as Sora's power in each Drive form grows.
    • Valor Form: Sora's first drive form, which allows him to dual-wield a pair of Keyblades. This is an attack-based form, which speeds up Sora's attack rate and allows him to string together ground and mid-air combos that hurt a great deal more than he would normally. Grants the passive growth ability 'High Jump', which allows Sora to jump several times higher than a regular jump would get him.
    • Wisdom Form: Sora's second drive form, which is unlocked after the events in the Timeless River sub-world in Disney Town. As a magic-based form, Sora is capable of stringing together magic combos far easier, and his mana bar recharges faster. He also no longer uses the Keyblade as a sword, instead holding the blade in a reverse grip when not attacking and firing blue magical bullets out from the tip and gliding around the battlefield. This form grants the ability Quick Run, which Sora has to consciously tap into to use. This ability lets Sora essentially float above the ground roughly an inch or two and cover a large distance in a very short space of time.
    • Master Form: Sora's third drive form, which is unlocked during a short interlude in Hollow Bastion. This form combines the strengths of both Valor and Wisdom into one well-balanced fighting form, allowing Sora to easily transition from melee combos to stringing together multiple magic combos. Sora once again wields two Keyblades in this form--one of them floating independently in front of his right hand to allow greater reach, and the other held in a reverse grip. The Growth ability granted by this form is Aerial Dodge, which allows Sora to dodge in mid-air away from an oncoming attack.
    • Final Form: Sora's fourth drive form, which is capable of being unlocked late in the game--after Sora defeats Xigbar in the Castle that Never Was. This is Sora's most powerful Drive form, and taps into his full potential as a bearer of the Keyblade on a far greater level than even Master Form. Sora once again floats above the ground, allowing for a greater focus on aerial attacks and the increased mobility of Wisdom Form. Sora once again also has two Keyblades summoned, though they float around independently to deal damage to any enemy that is unfortunate enough to get close.
A fifth and final form that is sometimes known to appear, yet remains completely unknown to Sora, is Anti Form. Anti Form has its origins in Sora's temporary transformation into a Heartless, and activates at random when he tries to trigger another form. Sora himself has no recollection of the times he is in Anti. If he did, then he would be rightly horrified over the changes that this particular Drive form causes.

In Anti Form, Sora becomes the closest thing to being a Heartless without truly becoming a Heartless again. His body appears to be made of Darkness, wisps of Darkness come off of him as if there is too much for his body to contain, his fingernails become claws, and his eyes become a solid, glowing yellow. His fighting style becomes erratic and unpredictable as he, instead of using the Keyblade, uses his clawed hands and bursts of Dark energy against his opponents.

This form is incredibly powerful, but there are drawbacks to it--because it appears at random, Sora's conscious mind is not in control, and he fights purely on instinct. Also, because he is using his Darkness instead of the Keyblade, Sora cannot heal, nor be healed while in Anti Form. He cannot revert to normal on his own, instead having to wait for the energy powering the transformation to wear off on it's own.
  • Summoning: While a more minor skill, Sora is capable of summoning certain allies to the field to aid him in battle. Usually, the summoned ally takes the place of Donald and Goofy in the party, as they have enough power to more than make up for the lack of a third ally. Since Sora's summons--Chicken Little, Stitch, Genie and Peter Pan-- are full-fledged characters in their own right as opposed to the summoned creatures of the Final Fantasy series, Sora will be incapable of summoning anyone or anything unless he somehow learns how to summon from another source.

[Other Important Facts ]:

[ Sample ]: It was strange to be walking down the familiar streets of the main island. The sun was setting, and the soft crunch of footsteps on gravel was the only noise to be heard. It didn't look like anything had changed at all.

It was both comforting... and a little scary, if Sora were completely honest with himself. He had seen so many worlds now, been through so much and fought so hard to protect all of the worlds... that seeing Destiny Islands relatively unchanged from how he had last seen it was almost like a punch to the gut.

He continued to walk the streets, his thoughts drifting elsewhere and his eyes no longer quite focused on the road in front of him--he knew this stretch of road well enough that he could probably run in blindfolded in the dark, so it wouldn't hurt to just... think.

'It's all the same... so why does it feel different?' Without hesitation, Sora answered that thought himself--it wasn't that Destiny Islands had changed somehow--it was him. Sora had changed. How could he face everyone, knowing that it wasn't the same person they weren't expecting? Sure, Sora knew that he was still the same where it counted--he hadn't changed that much--but... how many people would look at him, and see the changes wrought by the past year and a half? Not even the obvious ones--he knew he'd had a growth spurt, and his voice was different now. So what was it?

He reached a familiar house at the end of the block, and he stopped, his thoughts cut off. There was a lone figure out front, kneeling over and tending a garden, a straw hat on their head keeping the sun out of their eyes. Sora couldn't help but grin the minute he identified who it was--yep, nothing had changed. But in this case... this was the last person he would have ever wanted to change.

He opened the gate, and the squeaking hinge made the figure pause and look up--and Sora's gaze met one identical to his in nearly every way, those eyes reflecting the shock that the person was clearly feeling. Unable to help himself, he smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head in what amounted to a nervous gesture. He was going to get it later, but right now, it was just good to be home.
"Hey, Mom. Sorry I'm late--what's for dinner?"

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Name: Ranko
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Name: Sora
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Timeline: Right as he's entering the Door to Light with Riku to return to the Realm of Light
First Person:   [Audio-->Video-->Audio again]

Huh? What's this thing? [A young male voice can be clearly heard over the network, as well as the sounds of him fiddling with the new communicator.] A pocket watch? I don't remember getting one of those...

[The top flips open, and the video feed starts, showing a close-up of the speaker--a brown-haired boy with blue eyes, who's currently got a rather confused expression on his face.] That's funny, there's no clock inside... and what's with all the buttons?

[He shakes his head and lets the watch fall into his pocket, the cover closing shut as it does so and shutting off the video feed.] I'll figure this thing out later--Riku! Riku, where are you?

[Seems like this kid is looking for someone.]

Third Person: Sora wasn't really expecting anything to happen after he went through the white door back into the Realm of Light beyond not being in the Realm of Darkness anymore. The last thing that would have crossed his mind was that he would wind up on a train all alone.

"I guess Kairi's going to waiting a little longer on us, Riku."

When no one replied, his expression became one of worry. "Riku?"

Still no answer. He stood up, hoping to maybe find Riku in one of the other seats of this train. "C'mon, Riku--this isn't funny--"

Only to stop, his eyes widening with shock as he sees for himself that he is the only person in this car. Not one to be deterred, he quickly raced through the main walkway and ran through all of the cars, searching for his friend. With every opened door and lack of reply, his search became more desperate, until he finally reached the caboose.
Still no sign of Riku, anywhere.

"No... not again..."

He made his way back to his original seat, his panic faded into a form of sad resignation, and took to watching the scenery pass as the train kept rolling towards it's mysterious destination. He watched as fog started to roll in, and the light outside grew dimmer, darker, as if it was a cloudy day. Somewhere in the back of his mind, even though Sora knew now, for certain, that he was alone on the train...

He couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't alone.
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